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Discover Palencia

The capital of Palencia hides many artistic wonders to be discovered slowly, without rushing.

Cristo del Otero

This is an impressive figure of a Christ watching over the city from the top of a hill. It was built in 1931 by sculptor Victorio Macho, who is now buried at the feet of his work.
Its 30 metres high make it the third biggest Christ in the world.

It is a custom to throw bread and small cheese truckles from its feet during the traditional festivities in Palencia.


Known as “The Unknown Beauty”, this Cathedral is one of the biggest and most impressive Romanesque temples in Spain. Inside it lie the remains of the patron saint of the city, San Antolín, which can be found in San Antolin’s Crypt.

One of the gargoyles features the image of a photographer, sculptured by the stonemason who worked on its restoration.

Santa Clara Monastery

The church dates back to the 15th century and it is world-famous thanks to the Christ of the Claras inside it. The Christ is a reclined figure and legend has it that His nails and hair keep growing.

Plaza Mayor

Dates back to the 17th century.

Calle Mayor

It is the main street in the city, the street where the commercial, cultural and administrative lives of the city blend together. It is the shopping street par excellence.